Esperance Primary School strives for excellence in student leadership and provides opportunities for our Year 6 students across a range of areas. In November each year, we elect eight Student Councillors, including two School Captains. These students spend the last month of the school year work shadowing the current year’s Councillors, learning their roles and responsibilities, in preparation for the following school year.

The 2024 Student Councillors are:

Nicholas Sortberg and Vanessa Carbone (School Captains)
Charlie Green
Aria Lovejoy
Isabella McArthur
Emily Turner
Sienna Valente
Oscar Wells

Our eight Student Councillors enthusiastically display leadership and commitment to their roles as they support students to catch buses, find their classrooms and feel comfortable in our school, each and every day. Their roles are essential, as they help with the daily morning preparation for each school day.

Faction Captains are elected at the start of each school year.

The 2024 Faction Captains are:

Red: Georgia Jacobs and Isla Massenbauer

Blue: Willa Graham and Lily Thomas

Green: Tully Thurn and Iliena Caton

Gold: Saxon Loader and Isla Landers

Both groups have very distinctive roles in the school and provide vital support for staff and students. In the playground, the students are clearly identified, wearing coloured bucket hats, different to that of the royal blue which all other students wear. The Student Councillors will wear black hats and the faction captains wear a hat that reflects their own faction’s colours. The hats signal to other students, who is a student leader who can assist and aid them in times of need.