Esperance 'In Town' Buses
The West Beach and Castletown areas are serviced by a daily bus service. A fare is charged for this service and SmartRider cards are required to travel on these buses. Please contact the School Office for SmartRider information and Esperance Bus Services on ph: 9072 1717 for bus information.

Town Bus Services
001 West Beach
004 Castletown
005 Central
006 Portside
007 Express

Esperance Regional School Buses (Out of Town)
There are seven ‘out of town’ school buses catering for students at Esperance Primary School. Generally the buses cater for students living in the rural areas north and west of the school. Students travelling on Regional School buses must register with School Bus Services. To apply for this Student Transport Assistance follow the steps below
Go to
1. Click on the ‘Parents’ section
Select the ‘How to Apply’ section

** If students are not travelling on the school bus on a particular day or days, Parents/Carers must inform the bus driver and the class teacher by note.**