Esperance Primary School is committed to introducing our students to a wide range of sports and activities, helping them to find a sport or activity that they enjoy! We continually develop positive student relationships and healthy lifestyle habits, which will contribute to a healthy lifestyle in the future. In 2019 our new Gymnasium was completed, providing students with opportunities to access a wide range of quality sporting options in a primary school setting. The purpose built gymnasium gives students a consistent learning environment linking technology to Physical Education, allowing instructional videos to drive how students learn, and instant video feedback to assist in learning development.

The whole school approach to Physical Education ensures teachers at Esperance Primary School deliver a research based program directly related to the curriculum:

  1.  A warm up/tuning in activity
  2.  Lesson goals (skill based and interpersonal skill based)
  3.  Fundamental/Object Control Movement skills
  4.  Simple game play – links skills to game play to allow strategy to be introduced
  5.  Organised game play (modified or full game play)
  6.  Reflection

Linking the Physical Education curriculum to our TRIBES relationship focus gives students a mindset of team play, the power of working as a group, and application of strategy to succeed in the chosen sport. Students are constantly relating how their personal responsibility can impact others in the class and that a successful student in sport is often a result of others around them.

Most of all, our students are encouraged to HAVE FUN during Physical Education!


'The Heartbeats' are Esperance Primary School’s Heart Foundation demonstration skipping team. It is proudly the longest running demonstrating skipping team across Western Australia, and has been continuously running for 34 years. The team was first created by Physical Education teacher, Mr Kevin Martin, in 1986. Since then it has been an important and prestigious part of the Esperance Primary Physical Education program. In it’s 34 years of running it has strongly supported the Heart Foundation by helping to raise well over $100 000 to aid heart research.

The Heartbeats team consists of Year 5 and 6 students who participate in weekly trainings after school, creating skipping routines and practising their skills. The aim of the Heartbeats is to promote the Heart Foundation’s key message to students of participating in physical activity to remain healthy and strong, not only within our own school but also the schools throughout the Esperance District.

In 2020 the team is being led by Mrs Kiara South and Mrs Chris Blair; and consists of the following students:

  • Regan Ainsworth
  • Cassie Cooper
  • Georgia Coward
  • Cooper Crane
  • Mikayla Graham
  • Sharni Martin
  • Olivia Matthews
  • Holly Meyer
  • Kasey Simson
  • George Tate
  • Jessica Walter
  • Lucy White