The Early Childhood Centre at Esperance Primary School consists of four classrooms, all located within the Blue Haven area. Within these Kindergarten and Pre-primary classrooms we deliver a program that caters for the needs of the whole child within our young learners.

Our school's aim is to develop each individual child’s social, emotional, physical and academic capabilities through opportunities for the children to be active participants in their learning. The strong focus on play based learning combined with the opportunities for the explicit teaching of Literacy, Numeracy and all other curriculum areas drives the teaching and learning in Kindergarten and Pre-primary. Our staff provide collaborative, high quality programs that are based in the Western Australian Curriculum, Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines (Kindergarten only) and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


IDENTITY – Children have a strong sense of identity.

CONNECTING and CONTRIBUTING – Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

WELLBEING – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing.

LEARNING and THINKING – Children are confident and involved learners.

COMMUNICATING – Children are effective communicators.

Our staff are dedicated to meeting the requirements of National Quality Standards (NQS). In our most recent review by Office of Early Childhood Development and Learning, our Early Childhood team successfully meet all 7 Quality Areas for NQS. We have created a wonderful learning environment, both in and out of the classrooms, with well designed grounds that trigger the imaginations of each and every child. Our staff are dedicated in providing the very best foundation for your child's learning journey. They form strong, trusting bonds that allow children to express themselves freely and take risks in a safe and supportive learning environment.