Esperance Primary School recognises the importance of 21st century learning and aims to equip our students with the critical and creative thinking skills and problem-solving techniques to become valued members of our local and global communities.

The Digital Technologies curriculum is explicitly taught across all year levels from 1-6 by our Digital Technology Specialist Teacher, Miss Riordan, in the designated ICT lab. Students learn about key understanding and skills involved in computer coding as well as learning about computational thinking, the design process, digital systems, collecting, managing and analysing data and creating solutions using digital devices. Students are challenged to use critical and creative thinking to solve real world problems.

Students at EPS have access to some of the latest robotics equipment, including Beebot, BBC Micro:Bit, LittleBits, Sphero Minis, Dash & Dot, Makey Makey, LEGO EV3, Green Screens and Edison Robots. This robotic equipment is used to teach core coding concepts through hands-on inquiry-based activities and also used in integrated activities in mainstream classes.

Digital Technology is further integrated into classroom practice and core subject areas with school supplied shared iPads from Years K-3 and a successful BYOD iPad Program from Years 4-6. Please see the BYOD page for more information about this program. Apps are selected and used based on their ability to modify and redefine student learning (SAMR Model). Programs such as Minecraft Education, DoInk Green Screen, iMovie, Hopscotch and Book Creator allow students to experience and demonstrate their learning in new innovative ways.