Within a 21st Century learning environment where learning technologies have been deployed across all years and learning areas, Esperance Primary School has opened the doors to a state of the art and modern learning environment. Led by highly skilled and committed educators, children are provided with daily opportunities to engage with powerful digital learning tools allowing them to create, collaborate, communicate and discover. We currently have iPads deployed around each of our learning teams and a BYOD program running for our Year 4-6 student cohort who are using iPads on a 1:1 basis. Teachers are harnessing the enthusiasm and eagerness of students by providing learning opportunities driven by the WA Curriculum. Students are using the devices to search, create, produce, celebrate, demonstrate and reinforce their learning. They are excited, enthused and highly engaged. In a world where screens entertain at home; school is using screens to educate.

The iPad, in particular, is transforming the way teachers teach and has changed the learning landscape. At Esperance Primary School teachers are maximizing the opportunities provided by digital technologies. With increased accessibility to instant and global information students are more engaged in learning through instant reinforcement and embracing the technology as ‘just the way it is’. With a strong appetite to harness this enthusiasm even further and allow children opportunities to demonstrate their individual strengths whilst teachers develop individual programs, a sustainable 1:1 program is required.

Download the BYOD Handbook, an information package for parents / carers and students


We are excited and fully convinced that the most important “delivery tool” for your child’s education is our staff. Esperance Primary School has excellent staff who embrace technology and digital learning – the kind of learning that best prepares students with skills required for the future. The focus on the iPad program at Esperance Primary School is to provide tools and resources that enable students in developing skills and habits to be successful 21st Century Learners. Excellence in education extends to the seamless integration of technology to enhance the face to face teaching that is the cornerstone of our curriculum. The individual use of iPads is a way to make our delivery of education more personable and a way to ensure our students are developing modern skills and ways of thinking. Learning comes about as a result of continuous, active interaction among pupils, educators and parents. Immersion in technology doesn’t diminish the role of any of these parties. Our experience has shown that successful technology integration can transform the way we teach and enable highly refined individual programs that take advantage of the tools the iPad and associated apps have.

Our teachers demonstrate that effective teaching and learning with iPads can be integrated into all areas of the curriculum anytime and anywhere. Understanding of how we learn, and our access to knowledge, has changed dramatically since our grandparents’ time. Technology enables information to be instantly downloaded. The skills students need now varies greatly from the past and we need to provide every opportunity to succeed in a technological world. Students need a tool that can enable them to collect, synthesise and produce evidence of their learning. Learners of the future need the skills to learn, discover and create; skills to adapt and change and be resilient learners.