Esperance Primary School's Visual Arts program contributes to many aspects of students' holistic learning and forms the foundations of their artistic development. Art plays a significant role in developing children's fine motor skills and adds to their creative enjoyment in learning. From the earliest years at Esperance Primary School, students are taught sewing, printmaking, painting, drawing, construction and pottery, with an emphasis on individuality and self-expression. Within these mediums, students are taught explicit skills, techniques and processes involved to make artwork.

Students are exposed to all of the key elements of the Visual Arts, including; line, shape, colour, value, space, texture and form. Students use their artistic knowledge and understandings to respond and justify their application of art skills. They learn the value and place of Art in society and it's role in the development of our nation's history.

Celebration of our students' artistic achievement is promoted with the display of their artwork each semester at an Art Gallery Extravaganza. Students, parents, carers and our community are invited to view and appreciate the wonderful artistic effort and achievement created by our students.