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2018 School Year

The school office reopens on Wednesday 24 January 2018. Students recommence school on Wednesday 31 January 2018. Read More

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The IPS Review Findings (Report) for Esperance Primary School has been published. The report can be downloaded from our 'DOWNLOADS' section on this website.   Read More

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Music Festival ~ 2016
Our Junior and Senior Choir have performed flawlessly at the 2016 Esperance Music Festival. Both choirs sung set pieces then, with their own selections, wowed the audience.  The Junior Choir's choice of 'Swinging on a Star' brightened everyone's...
Six Word Story - National Literacy & Numeracy Week 2016
Six Word Story - part of 2016 National Literacy and Numeracy Week.  Stories told in just six words, inspired by Ernest Hemingway's famous challenge. “For sale, Baby shoes, Never worn.” Hemingway called this his best work. Can you do better...
Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with a Disability
NATIONALLY CONSISTENT COLLECTION OF DATA FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS WITH DISABILITY Our school is part of a national project about students with disability and/or learning difficulties. We have been asked to provide data about the number and learning ne...

Twilight Cove 4



 Twilight Cove 4: Term 3 Week 4


Happy Birthday Dr Seuss (2 March).


Hello, everyone. What a busy and productive start to the year we have had.  The students have settled into their new class routines really well and I have been so impressed by the level of engagement and determination to improve that the students' have been showing. I really am enjoying getting to know all of their personalities and learning styles. It is not hard to come to work each day with such a gorgeous group of kids. I really have the best job in the world!

Our fabulous Discovery Learning Project has started. This is a great opportunity to not only work with other classes, but also to integrate so much learning across different learning areas. In Science, we are studying Biology, with the year 4s learning about Plants and the Year 3s learning about Living and Non-living. So, we decided to base our Discovery Learning about a vegetable. In small groups we chose a vegetable, researched information about it and planted it in our school garden. In the weeks to come, we will be presenting our learning in small groups in any way we like. Some suggestions have included songs, power-points, cooking, interview with their vegetable and posters. We are also creating a digital diary monitoring the growth of our plant, (ICT, Maths and Literacy all in there!). You are welcome to have a look at the garden with your child.

Today a note was sent home in regards to your child taking part in a video for FlickerFest. They will be filmed at school next week talking about where they would like to travel in the world and why. These will be then shown during intervals at FlickerFest on 11-12 March and 18-19 March. Another great reason to go to one of my favourite community events. Please return this note as soon as possible.

Humphrey's Dance was a huge success and I couldn't have been more proud of the students willingness to join in and their persistence in mastering the steps - especially the Year 3s who have never done it before. It is such a fun week. if you didn't get to see them dance at the disco, encourage your child to show you at home - you will be amazed!

Don't forget that Homework is on Studyladder. A second block has been added. Reading Eggs is also available for all students at the school.



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