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Week 7 Term 2

We are on the countdown to the end of term! The students of Lucky Bay 3 have been busy in many areas of the curriculum over the last few weeks.

In English we have been looking at non- fiction texts and the important features they have that help us to locate informations quickly. We've been writing descriptive pieces looking at how we can "show" a reader what is happening rather than simply "tell" them. We used our stormy day as inspiration!

We've been looking at how to measure length using both standard and non standard units. Yesterday we made "museums" and the children got to showcase what they have learned. We had a perimeter exhibit, height exhibit nd others focusing on shoe length, length and width and even paper plane distances!

To complete our week we will finish our study of WA, in celebration of WA Day. Children have been asked to complete a poster of their favourite place in WA and tomorrow we will be writing postcards from our favourite destination.

Hope you are keeping warm in this wild weather!











Welcome back to another action packed term in Lucky Bay 3! A huge congratulations to our Year Three students who completed their NAPLAN testing this week. I'm sure that they all did their personal best. Three way learning conferences get under way next week. If you haven't booked a time please do so ASAP. Thankyou for your ongoing support with our homework program. The children have responded well to the new sheet and format.Please remember to send homework  books to school each Friday for marking. I'm looking forward to our meetings next week.

Have a great weekend.









Week 6 News

I trust that you all had a fabulous long weekend! This week our students are consolidating the first 5 weeks of their learning. We will complete a reading assessment to see how are decoding skills and comprehension strategies are improving and complete a place value test to see how  our understaning number concepts have progressed. Our students were filmed this morning and you should see them starring at the Flickerfest this weekend. We have some stars in the making!

The news topic this week is "What animals make the best pet?" I look forward to some productive arguing in preparation for our fucus on persuasive writing. A reminder that Wednesday is news day and Thursday is book exchange at the library.

Have a great week.

Mrs S






Week 5

What a busy few weeks we've had here in Lucky Bay 3! Our year 3's had a great week with the guys from Humphreys Dance and all of our children amazed us with their dancing skills at the disco held last week.

Our class hosted some lovely tadpoles courtesy of the Carson Family and we saw some back legs sprouting on a few before it was time for them to go!

This afternoon our year three students will be participating in a parent information session, they are going to teach some lucky parents interesting maths games that aim to promote mental efficiency when performing simple calcualtions.

Scitech is also here today for our year 2's! Not to forget athletics practise is well underway ready for the carnival in week 9!

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

Mrs Sanger