Welcome to Lucky Bay 2 - Term 2


We are currently learning about the different Mental Strategies that we can use to solve addition and subtraction problems. Here are some examples;

How would you solve these problems?                  12 + 8 =                                        22  - 10 =


"Once Upon a time...." We are currently learning all about Narratives. We are reading them and leanring to write them.  We love how they can take us to far away places, tell us about brave heros and have the ability to send shivers up and down our spines. What is your favourite narrative?


The Rio Olympics are nearly here!!! After learning all aboout South America we are now moving onto the different sports that are represented in the age old competition known as THE OLYPICS. Students will be completeing a Discovery Learning project, finding out lots of exciting facts on the different sports that will be represented in Rio.


In Science we are focusing on MIXTURES.

Let's find out..........