Week 8-9

What a busy couple of weeks we have had. The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre come to Esperance Primary School for and exclusive performance for the students is Year 5 and 6. Many of the year 6 students had studied 'Blueback', written by Tim Winton, in year 5. This made the performance even more meaningful for them.

Students are still attending choir, PEAC and TOM.  Next Friday a group of students will be selected to attend Clontarf Sport for either netball or football.     

DC1 have been studying 'The Light Horse Boy' written by Dianne Wolfer. We have been using this text as our inspiration for figurative language, vocabulary building and character development.

This word cloud was created by Ava Males. She has used words to describe  the main character, Jim.              

IMG 47161   Most Friday afternoons, we can be found indulging our creative talents. Our latest masterpieces are based on the Lake Ballard Sculptures. Check out Lauren Handley's interpretation of a silloutte in a desert landscape.

lauren art

Blueback  Performance

Please visit DC1's blog page and leave your opinion (comment)  on the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre performance of "Blueback".


Written By Zaine Smith and Dion Reid


 Welcome to Dolphin Cove 1

WEEK 6 and 7

 This week we had a visit from ‘The Humphreys Dance Studio’ who taught us new dances. Our 2 dance instructors Todd Annetts and Keegan Best, taught us lots of stuff we need to know about dancing. We ended the awesome week with a disco fundraiser for the year 6’s to go on camp. The disco was a huge success, with the fundraising total reaching over $3000.

 Everyone enjoyed a night out to showing off their new moves. Special Thanks to Todd and Keegan and a special farewell to them until next year.

On 29/05/2015 the whole of ‘Esperance Primary School’ made a big star in the courtyard with the year 6’s holding up a MASSIVE school logo in the middle. We had a drone fly over the courtyard and video the school while Mr Karl Gurney captured some wonderful pictures.

The purpose was to enter into ‘Our School’s a Star Competition’.

Today we celebrate ‘Prader Willi Syndrome’. The year 5 and 6’s had Mr and Mrs Simpson  come too talk to us and they gave us more information about ‘Prader Willi Syndrome’.

The year 6’s had two students from E.S.H.S (Esperance Senior High school) and Miss Kim Jones  come to talk to us about what high school is about and how we can make our way through E.S.H.S. Meg Baker and Lewis Fitzpatrick      answered questions that our students had.

By Mary Newton

The Year 6's have been very busy. For the last three weeks we have been working on our entry for the Clued Up Competition.

The Western Australian competition enables students to compete against other Year 6 students from schools across the State. This project is conducted as part of the annual Law Week activities of The Law Society of Western Australia.

The educational benefits of this project spans all the Key Learning Areas as children will be learning to develop research, analytical and creative skills; teamwork; argumentative skills which meet cross-curricula requirements for the Australian Curriculum.

Clued up Kids is particularly relevant to the Year 6 Australian Curriculum History program which requires students to learn about Australia’s system of law.

The students have had a wonderful time collecting evidence, making connections and justifying their thoughts. Today we submitted a video and PowerPoint to communicate who we thought the suspect was and what evidence we had.

 IMG 4552                IMG 4566