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Blue Haven 6


Welcome to Term 4 in Blue Haven 6

with Mrs Jefferies, Ms Hatcher, Mrs Barter and Mrs King

We are very excited to welcome you all back to Term 4 in our Kindergarten Class and are looking forward to working together to provide many fun and playful opportunities for learning. 

Thank you to all the parents and carers who were so involved in our program last term. The turnout for Literacy and Numeracy Workshops, Science Day, Sports Fun Day and Parent Help has been AMAZING! Please make the most of your last few weeks of Kindergarten and SIGN UP for Parent and Carer Help. Remember if the morning does not suit we are always happy to have special visitors in the afternoon too.

Our weekly Mathematics Blocks will continue to take place on Mondays and Fridays. Now we are familiar with the numerals 0 to 10 and Number Lines we will be extending our understanding of number to include ten frames and tally marks. We will be counting back from 10 and will explore the language and concepts of full and empty.

In English we will continue to have fun reading lots and lots of stories and singing lots and lots of songs! Our theme this term is Transport, Robots and Things that Go!. I wonder if you can guess what some of our songs will be? The Wheels .....

Please remember to check the Song Book each week and have fun singing the new songs together.

We will continue to tune into the first sound that you can hear in a word through games such as I Spy. This term the children will be encouraged to become independent in writing their names on their work and to "sign in" when they arrive at Kindy each morning.

Wise Owl's Book Bag will be going  home this term.  Please be prompt in returning the bag so that all children get a turn. We ask the children to bring in their favourite book to talk about.

This term is packed full of exciting learning opportunities for your child! There are some very special events planned including an excursion to the museum, our final fun filled Science Day where we explore Things that GO and a family Sing-a-long at the end of the term. Please keep checking the student folders and See-Saw for notes!


Sign up early for Parent help  and get the dates YOU want!