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Welcome to Term 3. This term students will engage in a number of exciting and varied learning experiences to explore the following key concepts:

SCIENCE: Week 5 is Science Week. This years theme is 'FUTURE EARTH'. Students will participate in a number of sustainability and environment focused activities. Keep an eye out for notes coming home requesting different recyclable materials or specific skills/knowledge/assistance.

ENGLISH: With the overarching theme of "Fairytales" students will explore different texts,making connections between texts and their personal experiences. Pre Primary students will work to identify and describe characters and events in stories. They will continue to work with their sound and letter knowledge to write simple words and sentences. Students will practice blending and segmenting words to read simple texts. Year 1s will explore poetry and alliteration. They will continue to work on sentence structure and writing cohesive texts. Year 1s will explore different reading strategies and how these strategies assist in decoding and understanding text.

MATHS: Pre Primary students are continuing their focus on number and operations. They will also explore measurement (length and mass). Year 1s are working on place value, partitioning numbers into tens and ones. They will also progress to explore measurement and money concepts.

HASS: Pre Primary students will explore the big question "What makes a Community?" This will include a number of incursions from professionals including Doctors, Farmers, Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics and provide authentic hands on experiences. Year 1s will grow their research and inquiry skills as they plan, make and maintain their very own garden space. Students will work to pose and respond to questions, sort and record information and communicate information effectively. 

HEALTH: Students are exploring healthy eating, the Australian Guidelines for Healthy Eating and composition of a variety of food types. They will work to gain knowledge about how to effectively and efficiently fuel their bodies and articulate the benefits of healthy eating and regular physical activity.

STEM: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is providing some amazing opportunities for children across our school to develop problem solving skills, to design, create, test and explore different techniques to create a product. This process opens up language and vocabulary, team work, collaboration and problem solving between students.

TRIBES: We continue our focus across the Tribes Agreements - Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, Appreciations/No Put Downs, Participation - Right to Pass. Specific emphasis this term will be placed on practicing and incorporating

MUTUAL RESPECT:  to affirm the value and uniqueness of each person. To recognise and appreciate individual and cultural differences and to offer feedback and encourage growth.